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Volume 2, Number 3 - September 1995

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Summer Workshop Highlights

A Message from Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann

Dear Reader,

Once again, the June workshop at Lake Austin Resort was a great experience. From year to year, we forget how powerful it is to live in a changed cultural environment—even for a week. For starters, there are no food rules and no fat phobia in this new environment. Add to the picture, lots of food available on demand, no need to shop or cook. Then go on to the details: hikes, swimming, movement classes, and as much discussion as you could possibly want about bad body feelings, fatness, thinness, food, and eating. Add in the reassuring presence of 13 returnees, great weather, and a splendid group of 35 women to create a superb week.

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Notes From Chicago

Carol Coven Grannick
Judith Matz

Directors, Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating

Women come to the Overcoming Overeating approach because they want to end their preoccupation with eating and body size. Yet many have difficulty putting aside their weight loss goals. As you know, focusing on weight loss exacerbates compulsive eating and body hatred.

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Dear Overcoming Overeating Newsletter:

After mouth-hunger-eating-my-way through When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, I arrived at Lake Austin Spa positive that I was exactly where I needed and wanted to be.

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