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Volume 1, Number 4 - November 1994

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Overcoming Overeating Newsletter

A Message from Carol H. Munter and Jane R. Hirschmann

Dear Reader,

We are delighted to announce that our new book, When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, will be published by Ballantine Books in March 1995. In honor of the new book, the National Center for Overcoming Overeating will launch The Women's Campaign to End Body Hatred and Dieting. Starting in March, we plan to hold speakouts in various cities where women can talk about their experiences and join together to work on this issue in an ongoing way. As part of the campaign, on International No-Diet Day next year (May 6), we will call upon women across the country to clean their closets of all the clothes that no longer fit and donate them to the homeless. We plan to develop materials that will describe many ways for women to join this grass roots, ongoing campaign; the newsletter will document the progress of the campaign. We're sure you agree that the time has come to end body hatred and put the diet industry out of business. The initial speakouts will be sponsored mainly by local bookstores, but we are open to all suggestions. Please, please get in touch with us and let us know your ideas for the campaign.

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Greetings!Notes From Chicago

Stopping, challenging, and changing bad body thoughts is an essential part of Overcoming Overeating. But changing bad body thoughts into accepting and loving body observations and feelings is a long, hard struggle for most women using the approach. Clearly, our fat-phobic society promotes body hatred in women at every turn and it is no wonder that freeing ourselves from bad body thoughts feels like such an uphill battle. However, we all know that the discomfort and anxiety created by our bad body thoughts prompt us to seek comfort from food. We also know that these negative thoughts have never helped us lose weight. Therefore, based on our own experiences, we have a good, logical argument to combat the social pressure to stay mired in bad body thoughts: If they don't work, why bother entertaining them? Yet bad body thoughts continue to plague us.

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How To Maximize Your Chances to Have Good Body Experiences

by Carol Coven Grannick and Judith Matz

What are some of the ways you can lay the groundwork for good body experiences? Here are some ideas:

  • Find others who have stopped dieting and are moving toward loving their bodies as they are now. If no Overcoming Overeating group exists in your area, consider starting one. Put up some flyers or take out an inexpensive ad in a local paper seeking women in the area who would be interested in meeting to discuss body hatred and nondieting. (You may also wish to post a listing in our Support Group Directory.)

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