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Carol Coven Grannick and Judith Matz
Directors, Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating

May 6th marked the fourth annual International No-Diet Day, celebrated by groups and individuals all over the world. The purpose of this day is to draw attention to the dangers of dieting and promote size diversity and natural eating. International No-Diet Day also provides an opportunity for people who are already part of the movement to come together and have some fun. We would like to share our plans for International No-Diet Day 1996 and offer some ideas that can be used any day!

In honor of International No-Diet Day, we asked local bookstores to create a display of books on the topics of non-diet approaches and self/size acceptance during the month of May. Of course, we are providing the bibliography! We received positive responses from several bookstores and we were even asked to give some presentations along with the displays. Other Overcoming Overeating centers will also set up displays, so if you live in one of these cities, please come in, show your support, and find some new books! (See list below.)

For those of you unable to visit one of these stores, here is a list of recommended reading. Consider treating yourself to one of these selections as a way of celebrating International No-Diet Day.

Our other International No-Diet Day event involved getting together with a group of our colleagues for a potluck celebration. The idea was to talk, exchange ideas, recognize our hard work over the year and have some fun! Wherever you live, consider finding some friends whose thinking about food and weight issues is similar to yours. No talk of diets or weight loss; rather plan an evening of support, discussion or just something pleasurable to do together.

Finally, we are reminded of last year's No-Diet Day event in which the National Center For Overcoming Overeating and other Centers organized clothing drives. Hundreds of women cleaned out their closets as an act of self-acceptance. We collected and gave the clothing to a variety of shelters and organizations. Spring cleaning is worth repeating every year.

On International No-Diet Day, we reflect on our past year's work and feel grateful for the strides made in promoting size diversity and attuned internal eating. We are thankful for the nurturing colleagues we have in the Chicago area whose presence adds strength to our sometimes difficult road. Each year the community of women and men who say "No!" to dieting and to size discrimination grows. Our circle increases to include more people, greater enthusiasm and deeper commitment to freeing lives from the preoccupation with body hatred and dieting. We see International No-Diet Day as a marker of our progress together.


  • Borders

    – Deerfield
    – Michigan Ave., Chicago

  • Barnes & Noble

    – Deerfield
    – Vernon Hills
    – Wheaton
    – Oakbrook

  • Andersons

    – Downers Grove
    – Elmhurst

  • Prairie Moon

    – Arlington Heights

  • Transitions

    – Chicago

  • Women & Children First

    – Chicago

  • 57th St. Books

    – Chicago

  • Barbara's

    – Wells, Chicago
    – Broadway, Chicago

  • College of Du Page BookStore

    – Glen Ellyn

  • New York City: Shakespeare's

    – West 81st Street


  • Overcoming Overeating (Hirschmann/Munter)
  • Fat Is a Feminist Issue (Orbach)
  • Transforming Body Image (Hutchinson)
  • Preventing Childhood Eating Problems (Hirschmann/Zaphiropoulos)
  • Full Lives (Gurze Publishers)
  • The Beauty Myth (Naomi Wolf)
  • Making Peace With Food (Kano)
  • Shadows on a Tightrope (eds. Schoenfielder and Weiser)
  • Great Shape (Lyons and Burgard)
  • Style is not a Size (Marano)
  • The Obsession: Reflections on the Tyranny of Slenderness (Chernin)
  • Such a Pretty Face (Millman)
  • SomeBody to Love (Newman)
  • Never Too Thin: Why Women Are at War with Their Bodies (Seid)
  • Fat Girl (O'Garden)
  • Life Isn't Weighed on the Bathroom Scales (Rose)
  • Beauty Secrets (Chapkis)
  • Food for Thought - 1-203-787-1624
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