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Volume 2, Number 1 - February 1995

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**First Anniversary Issue!**

Taking it on the Road

A Message from Carol H. Munter and Jane R. Hirschmann

Dear Readers,

Our new book, When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies, will be in the bookstores late this month and we're ready to go with The Women's Campaign to End Body Hatred and Dieting. We're excited and we're hopeful. This April marks twenty-five years since Carol started the first anti-dieting group. It is sobering to realize that twenty-five years after that initial group, a campaign focused on body hatred and the ills of dieting is still a radical undertaking, bound to meet with opposition.

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Jane R. Hirschmann
Carol H. Munter

One evening in our weekly workshop, a participant named Marion came in with a dilemma. "I'm getting married in two weeks and I'm in a panic. I'm afraid I won't fit into my gown; I have to wear a girdle and I don't want to wear one; I hate the idea of a video being made of the event; and basically, I don't want to be on display. Oh, my god, what did I get myself into?" It was clear to the group that Marion was having a run of bad body thoughts. She was preoccupied with these thoughts to the exclusion of much more important issues. But what were those issues?

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Press release from:


Directors, Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann

Re: Dr. Koop's Shape Up America! Campaign

Shape up America? Haven't we been living with that campaign for decades now? We've heard all the suggestions. We've made endless resolutions to eat less and exercise more. What have the results been?

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