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Publisher's Note

A Former Chronic Dieter

by Jill D.

I went on my first diet 20 years ago as a freshman in college. The "beer diet" was sweeping my dormitory: you existed purely on beer for several days, and you lost weight! This is a memory that's both funny and sad for me. Imagine, 50 or 60 tipsy, hungry teenagers living in one building. We were all lonely for home, growing into womanhood and scared to death of the future. None of us were even the least bit overweight.

I dieted off and on, but never very seriously, until the late 70's and the Scarsdale diet. (My husband refers to this one as "The Dead Doctor Diet.") This led to years of yo-yoing: Weight Watchers, egg and grapefruit, all protein, all rice, all JUNK! Two years ago I joined Jenny Craig. On JC, my energy and health went right down the toilet. I was depressed, having trouble concentrating on anything and gaining weight. My doctor recommended that I consult with the clinic's nutritionist, Elisa D'Urso. In addition to counseling me on nutrition, Elisa gave me a flyer for a group she was leading called "Befriending Our Enemies: Making Peace With Our Bodies and Food" and sold me a copy of Carol and Jane's book. Sixteen months later, I can say without hesitation: Elisa D'Urso, the women in our group and Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann have changed my life.

I showed the book to my partners here at Jade, Jill Hronek and Mark Wagner. We started to kick around the idea of a newsletter based on the Overcoming Overeating approach. Elisa put us in touch with Carol Coven Grannick and Judith Matz of the Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating; from there we started talking to Jane and Carol. By then, of course, the combination of these six women was getting confusing: Jane and Carol and Carol and Judith and Jill and Jill, but we have managed to produce what we think is a pretty exciting publication.

We want to thank Carol Munter, Jane Hirschmann, Judith Matz and Carol Coven Grannick. We regard their work as vitally important; the opportunity to contribute to something so significant doesn't come along every day. We want to see Overcoming Overeating, "demand feeding" and "eating from stomach hunger" become household words and to see an end to the myths that have created the necessity for the Overcoming Overeating approach.

We hope this newsletter helps to open the eyes of health care providers to the dangers of dieting, as well as people who are still on the diet/binge roller coaster.

Please write to us with your experiences, critiques of the newsletter and suggestions for improvement. We're making every effort to keep costs down; it's important to us that this newsletter remains accessible to as broad a range of people as possible. Keep your copy as a reference (they're punched to fit in a standard three-ring binder) and encourage your friends to subscribe.

All the best,


Jill Donovan, Jill Hronek, and Mark Wagner

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