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Who Said?

(for Joanne and all her sisters)

by Jill D.


Who told you
your body was ugly?
Well, they were WRONG.

Your body was
right to rebel.

They musta been scared to death
by your beauty…
they were crippled by an image
they'd been forced to swallow.

Your childhood dignity must
have made them feel like
they would choke with envy.
Your soft roundness made them

Who told you
that you weren't
nice to look at?
I'm gonna find 'em
an' hit 'em on the head
with a fryin' pan…

The fashion kings weep at your beauty
(they can't sell it, it brings them no joy!)

The diet gurus are distraught;
(they are losing their power
to starve you into submission.)

Nourish your beautybodybeauty,
Be with your bodybeautybody.
It knows you;
Protect each other.
Your body has been doing it for years!

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