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Volume 1, Number 1 - February 1994

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Overcoming Overeating Newsletter

Volume 1 * Number 1 * February 1994

A Greeting from Carol H. Munter and Jane R. Hirschmann

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first issue of the Overcoming Overeating Newsletter. We are delighted to have a forum in which we can all talk to one another. It has been clear to us for several years now that demand feeders need each other's support and knowledge. After all, you are pioneers carving out new territory in a basically hostile environment. As we meet more and more of you at workshops around the country, we are inspired by your courage and impressed by your thoughtfulness and inventiveness. We love meeting you; we enjoy feeling inspired and impressed. Your thoughts and innovations, however, deserve a wider audience. Here's your opportunity.

Although we have often considered starting a newsletter, it took the interest and know-how of Jill Donovan and Jill Hronek of Jade Publishing, combined with the enthusiasm and energy of Carol coven grannick and Judith Matz of our Chicago affiliate, to get us off the dime. Our heartfelt thanks. We would like to take this opportunity, our first column, to tell you a little about what's been happening with us and how we see the current anti-dieting scene.

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In 1993, after working with the Overcoming Overeating approach for many years, we joined the national network by forming the Chicago Center for Overcoming Overeating, Inc. As practitioners, we are profoundly committed to the Overcoming Overeating approach and believed that by uniting our energies, we would reach more people and create an even greater sense of community for the Overcoming Overeating network.

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Generation to Generation

by Jane R. Hirschmann

I received a call the other day from Marsha, a mother of a four year old. The conversation went like this: "Jane, I've tried to legalize cookies by bringing in bags and bags of Molly's favorites, but she still eats them in abundance and at times when she's clearly not physically hungry for them. Are you sure this really can work with a young child?"

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