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by Jane Hirschmann and Carol Munter

Dear Readers,

After almost 3 years of publication, this will be our last newsletter. For us, it's been a great way to communicate our latest news, thoughts, ideas and dreams about conquering body hatred and ending dieting. We've brought copies of the newsletter to speakouts, conferences, meetings, book signings, all sorts of events where it's been a great organizing tool.

Unfortunately, the number of subscriptions has never met the cost of production; we had hoped that after a few years, the newsletter would pay for itself. Literally and figuratively, we remain indebted to the person who helped float this venture. In addition, the newsletter is much more work than we'd anticipated. We thought that over time, more of you would want to write pieces to share with others and that the contents would become more communal, more of an exchange. Some of you did write in and we appreciate that. Recently, the online group has provided wonderful discussions. But it's just not enough. The work that falls on us, on Carol and Judith, and on the Jills at Jade has been too much. You've noticed how difficult it's been for us to get this to you on time! We're all on overload and can no longer handle the project. We're as committed as ever to building an anti-dieting movement and to raising consciousness about body hatred, but for now, we will have to find other ways to communicate.

We are hoping to publish a pamphlet (we're thinking annually, but not promising) about The Women's Campaign to End Body Hatred and Dieting. It will include "the best of the newsletter" as well as new pieces written by us and hopefully, as many of you as want to contribute. Please, please, feel free and encouraged to submit observations, anecdotes, letters, news and views to us c/o Jade Publishing on an ongoing basis. (Editor's Note: You may contact us via our Contact Form.) We're still here and we want to hear from you.

All our best and as always, hearty appetites!

Carol and Jane

P.S. Look for When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies in paperback, in January, 1997. We look forward to seeing/meeting many of you at the advanced workshops around the country (see Regional News & Announcements in this newsletter).

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