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Volume 1, Number 3 - August 1994

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A Message from Carol H. Munter and Jane R. Hirschmann

Dear Reader,

Frequently we hear the lament, "Using this approach is so much work." We agree. However, as we see it, you have spent many years seeking comfort and caretaking in food; in order to reverse this trend, you need to become a more reliable caretaker of yourself than food has ever been to you. Becoming reliable to yourself requires work. Feeding yourself when you are physiologically hungry—exactly what and how much your body craves—is the first and fundamental step in this self-caretaking project. Other steps follow.

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Those of you who read Carol and Jane's column in the last issue of the newsletter will recall that they discussed the common tendency to turn the Overcoming Overeating guidelines into rules which incite rebellion. It is clear to us that diet thoughts and diet language find their way into the most valiant efforts of nondieters. We want to address an aspect of rule making and rule breaking—the assumption that there is one "right" way to use the Overcoming Overeating approach. Our ubiquitous tendency to idealize the successes of others who are using this approach and to assume that they have found the "right way" exacerbates this problem.

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Prolonging the Pleasure - An Evolutionary Tale

by J.T.

Home I trekked after a meaningful and stimulating introduction to the June 3-5 Overcoming Overeating Weekend Workshop organized by Carol and Jane. Shortly after participating in dyads to identify the areas where we feel our eating is stuck, it was time to adjourn for the evening. Somewhere churning about in my unconscious was a connection to my dyad partner's description of her love of ice cream.

Not hungry, but craving some mouth experience, I supplied myself with a pint of creamy Häagen-Dazs ice cream as I entered my home. (Only one, you may ask?) Yes, just one. I ate some of it, put the rest away and then went to bed.

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