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Overcoming Overeating

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Overcoming Overeating Book CoverThe reissue of a classic in healthy living, with more than 300,000 copies sold! Diet/binge, good food/bad food, punishment/reward. These are the compulsive eater's nightmares—a long-time pattern of recrimination and guilt that ultimately leads to more overeating and more weight gain. In an updated edition, here is the ground-breaking, step-by-step plan that doesn't control eating habits but cures them instead, once and for all. Overcoming Overeating will show you how to: * Give up dieting forever * Eat from true stomach hunger instead of "mouth hunger" * Stop overeating and lose weight naturally * Move beyond a preoccupation with eating and weight in order to live a more satisfying life.

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When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies

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When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies Book CoverWhen Carol Munter and Jane Hirschmann published their groundbreaking book, Overcoming Overeating, women everywhere were just beginning to recognize the truth: diets don't work. In fact, diets turn us into compulsive eaters, driven to eat even when we are not hungry, spending our lives obsessed with food and weight. Yet, as all too many women also know, understanding that diets are counterproductive, and swearing them off forever, are two different matters entirely.

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Kids, Carrots, and Candy

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In this comprehensive parent-child guide to eating behaviors (from infancy through adolescence) the authors show parents how to put an end to the eating battles which confront them on a daily basis. This book will help parent and child put food back into its rightful place. Previously published as Are You Hungry? and Preventing Childhood Eating Problems (featured in McCalls, Parenting Magazine, Sesame Street Magazine, Newsweek, New York Times, CNN, The Oprah Show, and many other T.V. and radio shows), Kids, Carrots, and Candy has a new Introduction that addresses society's current obsession with the "obesity crisis," as well as updated language throughout the book.

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