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A Weigh Out's TeleSeminar

Kids, Carrots, and Candy: Exploring a Common Sense Approach to Feeding Children

Our Guest: Jane Hirschmann, C.S.W.


Host: Ellen Shuman, Emotional and Binge Eating Recovery Coach; A Weigh Out

Many of you know of psychotherapist and author Jane Hirschmann (see right with new grandson) from her ground breaking books, When Women Stop Hating Their Bodies and Overcoming Overeating (co-authored with Carol Munter). She’s a legend in the field of eating disorders. She has generously agreed to do an interview for A Weigh Out Members on her newest publication, Kids, Carrots, and Candy: A Practical, Positive Approach to Raising Children Free of Food & Weight Problems (co-authored by Lela Zaphiropoulos).

Whether or not you have children or grandchildren in your life, there’s much to be learned about how we can develop and foster healthy eating habits for a lifetime. Click here for more information about the TeleSeminar.